Karsons Pharma

About Us

Karsons Pharmaceuticals was incorporated in 2010 with an objective to provide quality health care products for the general population at both domestic and international levels and since then we have been very steadfast with our objective. Aiming to make our name in the leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of the country with international recognition around the globe, our team is working round the clock and are highly driven to achieve this goal. Karsons ensures quality at every stage starting from the raw materials till the finished product comes out, we are very persistent in monitoring and improving the quality of our Raw Materials, processes, equipment’s and human resources. We have made it our mission to provide our consumers with highly effective and reliable pharmaceutical products.

Company Vision

Our Vision is to become a global player in Pharmaceutical industry to facilitate the access of high tech lifesaving Drugs on affordable prices to the general population of our country and then around the globe.
About US


Plot No. 01, Street No. SS-3, National Industrial Zone, Rawat, Islamabad.